What will day 1 look like?

Term 1: Monday 31st January 2022

Beginning of the week Classes: Bunduluk, Balbo, Karrugang and Koori Preschool

Term 1: Thursday 3rd February 2022

End of the week Classes: Guginya, Mundawari & Gula

Day 1 will begin at: 9.00am

Educators will open the classroom doors at 9.00am to welcome students into their classrooms. Families assist their child to unpack and are then invited to stay until their child is settled for the day.

When do families leave?

You can leave after your child has unpacked, settled in and is engaged in activities and enjoying the classroom. Make sure to say your goodbyes and let the educators know when you are leaving.

Some children are more anxious than others and so are some parents. There are plenty of educators on hand to ensure that the children settle-in and feel safe. Students often settle very quickly once they are intrigued by their new surroundings.

When is home time?

School finishes at 3.00pm. Please wait outside your child’s classroom and the educators will send students out individually at the end of the day.

What to do if you have questions or concerns?

Your child’s teacher will provide you with their contact details at the beginning of the year.

If you are unable to contact your child’s teacher or still have concerns after speaking with them, a member of the Executive team is available to talk to you. Please contact the Front Office for an appointment.