What to Pack?


The essential things to pack in your bag are:

A water bottle clearly labelled with your child’s name, filled with water only.

A lunchbox with fruit, morning tea snack and lunch.

Fruit snack should include fresh fruit and or vegetables, lunch may include a sandwich, pasta, sushi or roti (or similar), plus yoghurt  or cheese. Please feel free to provide what is the normal diet for your child, but you are encouraged to make these healthy choices that will help your child play and learn at preschool. These also need to have an ice pack to keep the food fresh and cool. We cannot heat up food.

Please place an ice brick in your child’s lunchbox to help keep the food fresh. Please note we cannot reheat food for safety reasons. If your child does not bring fruit/vegetables for fruit break, they are unable to eat anything else as a substitute from their lunchbox.

A complete set of spare clothes to accommodate changes in weather and accidents of all kinds. Children need to wear sensible shoes that they can run, jump and climb in. A warm coat & beanie in the colder months. A library bag so your child is able to borrow books on their library day.

It is really helpful in the early weeks to make sure that your child is familiar with their snack, lunch box and drink bottle. You can help by getting them to put their things in the tubs or shelf when they arrive in the morning. Please see your educators for further details

Please note: Ngunnawal Primary School is an anaphylaxis aware school due to the inclusion of students with life threatening anaphylactic allergic conditions.
We provide protection for children who have severe allergic reactions to certain foods. Parents are asked to provide nut free food for their child’s recess and lunch. This includes Nutella and peanut butter sandwiches.

To view the ACT Education Directorate policies, visit: http://www.det.act.gov.au/