The Arts

Music at Ngunnawal Primary School

At Ngunnawal Primary School our Music Specialist Teacher delivers an exciting, engaging and enriching Music program to all students in the school. For our students the beauty of music, the excitement of performing and the personal growth fostered by participation in music are an integral and well-loved part of their daily lives at this school.

The Classroom Music Program

Each class receives a weekly developmental, sequential, Each music lesson which includes singing, movement, dance, instrument playing listening and music literacy.

The Junior and Senior Choirs

Approximately 200 students participate in choir each week. The choirs perform at concerts and events throughout the year.

The IMP Band program

The school has two outstanding bands, Year 5 and Year 6. The bands perform at concerts and events throughout the year and also compete in Bandfest. Students go on to achieve success in selection for High School band programs and an outstanding number each year are selected for the IMP Primary Concert Band.

Piano Tutor program

Students learn piano privately at school from a visiting tutor. Piano students regularly achieve success in exams.

Special Performing Arts Groups

Students audition to take part in a dancing, singing  performance group to present items for special occasions and concerts. These items are successful in auditions for Step into the Limelight  and students have the opportunity to present their high quality work to a large and public audience.

Annual Concerts

At the end of term four two school concerts are held to showcase the talents of every child in the school. Music and dance items are presented by every class. These concerts also include performances by the choirs and bands. The students always look forward to performing in the "Little Gig" and the "Big Gig".

Visual Arts

Visual Arts at Ngunnawal Primary School is a key part of students learning across all years and contributes to the building of a vibrant, creative school community where all members are encouraged to express themselves through the arts.

At Ngunnawal Primary School, Visual Arts is taught explicitly from Kindergarten to Year 6 through specialist arts classes and used as an effective teaching tool with mainstream classes.

In all years, students are encouraged to observe and explore ideas and experiences to create visual artworks including considering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and artworks.

In Visual Arts classes, students use and experiment with different techniques, mediums and technologies and are encouraged to describe and display their artworks for their peers to reflect on.

Throughout the year, students at Ngunnawal Primary School are given opportunities to contribute artworks for and attend local art exhibitions, contributing to the wider arts community in Canberra.

The Classroom Visual Arts Program

Students at Ngunnawal Primary School participate in weekly Visual Arts lessons with a specialist art teacher. This sequential program is based on the Australian Curriculum and is designed to engage and enrich students with key visual arts understanding and skills.

From Kindergarten to Year 2, students are introduced to the fundamentals of colour, line and shape. They are also introduced to the vocabulary needed to describe artistic elements.

In Years 3 and 4, students draw on their prior learning and build on their fundamentals to create artworks using new mediums and techniques. They are also encouraged to use the vocabulary they have learnt to talk about their own and others artwork.

In Years 5 and 6, students build on their prior learning through a visual arts program which encourages them to develop attitudes of openness to new ideas, experiences and forms of artistic expression. Students continue to create artworks which utilise a range of different mediums and techniques, and are given opportunities to develop an appreciation for their role in the development of their own and others culture.