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Ngunnawal Primary School is committed to providing quality education in a nurturing and dynamic learning environment. Research indicates significant improvements in student learning when information technology is combined with appropriate teaching and learning methods to produce information literate students. Ngunnawal Primary utilises interactive whiteboards in every classroom along with a bank of computers for each teaching unit. Our computer lab adds value to our ICT program by allowing full class access for learning. Our senior classes work in a virtual learning environment which includes 30 wireless net books.

A specialist ICT teacher delivers lessons to students in Years K to 6 each week. Our school takes advantage of the online programs Mathletics and Reading Eggs to enhance outcomes in literacy and numeracy. These programs are also accessible by students from home. 

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are a specific type of technology that is continually evolving. They broadly encompass digital communications systems, computers, associated peripheral devices and software that are commonly linked together in networks. Using ICT effectively helps to facilitate effective communication, access and manage information, and produce, record and evaluate design solutions.

This Essential Learning Achievement is about students using a range of ICT to effectively: exchange information, ideas and experiences; collaborate purposefully with a range of audiences in local and global contexts, including the intranet and Internet; select, manipulate, analyse and interpret data; organise, transform, manage and communicate information to an intended audience; and design, produce and evaluate design solutions.

Using ICT effectively involves, first of all, understanding the function and range of available technologies, and then selecting, combining and using the appropriate hardware, software and digital systems for the intended purpose and audience. Underpinning the capacity to identify, select and perform these actions are skills in the use of applications, such as word processing, publishing, spreadsheets, databases, images, multimedia, e-mail, interactive software, web design, Internet and the intranet.

Using ICT effectively also involves knowing and using conventions such as hyperlinks and addresses (URLs), and protocols of electronic communication, including responsible codes of behaviour.

Using ICT effectively enhances student learning. This Essential Learning Achievement underpins many Essential Learning Achievements, in particular – The student uses a range of strategies to think and learn.

This Essential Learning Achievement is also closely linked to – The student designs, makes and appraises using technology. People create ICT design solutions for the purposes of conveying or communicating messages, such as in communication systems, graphics and multimedia design. Using ICT is an essential skill used by students to facilitate the development and recording of design ideas and solutions.


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