Ngunnawal Primary School

An ACT Public School

Parental Involvement

Central to the development of school policy and curriculum is communication between parents, our community and the school.  Parents' views are sought through  School Board Representatives and the Parents and Citizens' Association.

To obtain information about your child, you can make an appointment to speak with:

  • your child's teacher
  • the Principal
  • the Deputy Principal
  • Executive Teachers.

To obtain information about the school you can:

  • speak to your child's teacher
  • contact the Front Office
  • speak to the Principal, Deputy Principal or Executive Staff
  • attend P & C meetings
  • attend a School Board meeting
  • ensure that your child brings you a copy of the Ngunnawal Primary School Newsletter or arrange for it to be sent via email. (details in newsletter).

Parents are always welcome at the school, and by arrangement, are invited to:

  • discuss their child's academic or social progress with their child's teachers
  • assist in various activities.  These can include reading, writing, art and craft, library, excursions, transport, sports, camps, etc.  The school considers parents' skills and contributions  valuable resources in the  education program
  • assist at the school canteen or library
  • become an active member of the P&C Association or School Board
  • present talks to classes on their profession, job or culture.

Ways to become involved in the life of your child's school are only limited by your imagination.  Whatever you do, join in and do something!  This will be of great benefit to not only the school, but to your child, your family and to you.


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